Zac Shirk

The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica

Volunteer artist

In October 2018 I joined Team Sloth as a volunteer artist for The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica. My role is to help them with any projects involving artwork, illustration, animation, design, to help them spread their message of saving sloths!

Inktober 2018

Every October I participate in Jake Parker’s Inktober project making an ink artwork every single day of October. This year I decided to dedicate it to helping The Sloth Institute by making a sloth artwork every single day and selling the originals donating 100% of the proceeds to TSI. With original art sales alone in the month of October we raised $540 for TSI!

International sloth day

What also happens to be in October is International Sloth Day on October 20th! TSI had me create a limited edition art print for them to sell with the theme of their campaign #SayNoToSlothSelfies. The print helped raise an additional $350!