Zac Shirk, or known as "Squibbs2D", is an artist of many traits. Based in the Los Angeles, California area he works with many mediums to tell stories. Currently he works in marketing, does freelance artworks, sells at conventions, collaborating with his favorite artist ZombieTeddie and works on his own creative projects!


Zac has been working with illustration the longest and is his main area of interest. He started doodling for fun at age 15 which became an escape for him. Over the years it's become way more than a hobby! His goal is to break into the entertainment industry making art to tell stories in some form, working his way to creating his own stories for the world to enjoy!


In February 2016, Zac had the opportunity of a life time to go on a school trip to Italy. This is where he took his first camera and everyone loved his photography from the trip so he just ran with it and continues to capture anything catching his eye! Since then he never leaves home without his camera and has been all over Europe! Some of his favorite places that he has shot from are Palace of Versailles in France, the town of Assisi in Italy, and The Los Angeles County Aboretum and Botanic Garden in Arcadia, California. Zac's goals with photography are to have fun, travel, and capture perfect moments.


Way before Zac even picked up a pencil for the first time he had a massive interest in video making.

Starting out making random videos with friends in elementary school and uploading them to YouTube for fun and joining in on the YouTube gaming craze through middle school and high school. He has ran around 9 YouTube channels over the past 8 years he's been making videos. All though most of the content was just having fun with friends he managed to pick up video editing, recording, marketing, and more skills a long the way.

Currently he runs his own YouTube channel partnered with The Channel Frederator Network making all sorts of video content for viewers to enjoy!

Zac's biggest inspirations for video are Casey Neistat and Quentin Tarantino. His goal with video work is to continue to make grand videos and possibly work in the movie or television industry creating his own cartoon or movie.