Zac Shirk


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Zac was born, raised, and still based out of Los Angeles, CA! Growing up in the entertainment capital of the world, Zac’s childhood was fueled by creativity. From cartoons like Ed, Edd n Eddy to video games like BioShock, and countless other mediums, these influences crafted Zac’s art into what you see today. It wasn’t until later did he realize how important that would be.

When Zac was 14 he was plucked out of school and out of his home state to middle of no where Idaho, life got tough. That’s when he found out, creating art was the thing that kept him going. Drawing characters he liked from cartoons and making YouTube videos with his friends playing video games. Zac found his passions that got him up in the morning and gave him purpose, he hasn’t stopped since. Returning to his home town Los Angeles 3 years later, he was ready to get to work!

Cut to today, 5 years of experience as a professional illustrator and video editor! There has been many projects and clients with a wide variety of work. Zac has been a content creator for The Channel Frederator Network, a creative director at a geek entertainment company, a freelance illustrator and video editor, and now currently he works in marketing as a video editor, animator, illustrator, and designer! After going through hard times and having art to help him through it all, his most important work comes from using that art to help others. He has worked with The Art of Elysium and The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica charities as a volunteer artist and continues to look for new ways to try to use art to bring light into the world.

In 2019, Zac founded Super Moon! a creative studio to produce podcasts, videos, and more! Coming soon to Super Moon! you can find him on podcasts like Matt Makes Zac Watch Horror Movies, Sweet Toons, and Creative Candor!


"Professional.  That is one word to describe the quality of Zac's work when it comes to design and art.  His conscientious attention to detail helps to demonstrate this fact alone. Its polished nature illustrates the necessity for both perfection and expediency.  Expectations are up and beyond when one sees the length he goes to in order to complete the task."

-Jeff A.

Former Co-Worker, Co-Founder & Podcast Host for Geek Network

“Zac is the epitome of a Renaissance man in the modern age from his technical prowess in illustration, videography, animation, and graphic design. I am amazed by his knowledge in Adobe programs across the board from Premiere, Illustrator, After Effects, and InDesign.

As Zac's coworker, working as a Creative Specialist, I have had the wonderful opportunity to work firsthand with him on multiple projects. We have ventured to various events together to photograph and film for our various branches of companies including Pathways In Education, Options For Youth, and Opportunities For Learning. Zac is a perseverent spirit on long photo shoots and drives back to work thereafter.

Not only has Zac been a positive, down-to-earth friend, he has also helped me expand my knowledge of graphic design. Whenever I feel stuck creatively, Zac has found alternative ways to present information in an aesthetically pleasing way. I'm grateful to have Zac as a fellow creative and friend since he shares a wealth of knowledge to help our Marketing Department excel.”

-Lianna Nakashima

Former Co-Worker at Skyrocket Inc. Marketing